Golf – 5 Ways To A Better Golf Score ⛳️

For a few golfers improving their score is all about making small adjustments in their mechanics that can shave a stroke or two off their already great score, but for the majority of golfers, learning some basic golf tips can knock off several strokes from each round and help them play much better golf very quickly. So here are some tips that have been proven to be very effective in shooting a better golf score for the average golfer.
* Get some golf lessons. Yes, you can just go to the driving range and try to do your best on your own, but if you want to make the most progress in the shortest amount of time possible, you need to get at least a few lessons under your belt. It will get you off to a good start and help you enjoy the game instead of just feeling like you are fighting it all the time instead. And there is no substitute for having a qualified teacher give you personal attention and help adjust your swing mechanics in person.
* ⛳️ Use enough clubs to get to the hole. It’s amazing how many golfers assume that they can muscle a shot up to the hole and use a club that is one or two clubs too short on their approach shot. Instead, get to know your club distances by going to the driving range first and writing down how far each club length carries for you in distance on the average. Then use that as a guide to help you decide how much club you need to get to your target instead of just using the same club that someone else just used, or making an overly optimistic guess. You can shave lots of strokes off your game if you hit most of your greens instead of come up too short and have to pitch it on all the time.

* ⛳️ If your ball is only a foot or two off the edge of the green putt it instead of using a wedge. A lot of amateur golfers think that they need to use a wedge at all times when they aren’t on the green, but that is not necessarily so. In fact, a lot of golfers would be able to get the ball closer to the hole if they putted the ball instead of pitching it in those situations, especially if your short game is not all that good. So if its within a few feet of the green try the putter first and see if it doesn’t give you better results.
* ⛳️ Keep your head as steady as you can in your swing. This is often one of the most common mistakes that golfers make on the backswing. By moving your head this causes quite a few swing flaws that will adversely affect your contact with the ball. Think of your head as the pivot that the rest of your body turns around, almost as if it were nailed into position. Of course, it’s not possible to keep it absolutely still, but the quieter your head is in the swing, the more solid contact you should be able to make with the ball.
* ⛳️ Keep your sense of humor. Golf is a trying game even for the best players in the world. So don’t expect to be perfect or even come anywhere close to it. Be able and willing to laugh at yourself and not take yourself or the game too seriously, at least not to the point that it loses its fun for both you and others who are playing with you. A little good humor can go a long way.
⛳️ These tips and suggestions may seem very simple, and for the most part they are, but if you put them in practice you can be sure of both shooting a lower score and having fun every time out on the course.