Exercise and Visualization for Successful Golf

Exercise and Visualization for Successful Golf

Exercise and Visualisation for Golf

Golf fans love nothing more than a powerful and accurate drive off the tee.  Crunching the ball down the fairway is great and there is no better feeling in golf.  While the power demonstrated by the world’s top golfers with the driver is impressive, there is much more to a great golf shot than the physical aspects.

Visualization a key over looked by some

Yes, golfers must be fit and physically capable of playing a shot.  There are a range of exercises which are suitable for golf including lunges, rotations and squats.  Completing a range of these on a daily basis, even for just 30 minutes will keep you in good shape for playing golf.

However, you must also warm up your muscles before every round.  Getting the body prepared for playing golf is vital.  If you fail to warm up properly before playing golf, not only will the quality of your game suffer, you also run the risk of picking up injury.

The question is, how does exercise link with visualisation?

You may have heard the phrase ‘fit body, fit mind’ and in terms of golf, the two elements go hand-in-hand.  Many golfers will blame their technique if something is not working well on the golf course but it could be a matter of fitness and mind.

Visualisation plays a huge roll in the lives of professional golfers.  Visualising a great shot off the first tee helps in many ways and gets players in the right frame of mind for the round to follow.  Visualisation helps to program the mind and gear it towards the task in hand, eliminating any other thoughts which may prove distracting on the golf course.

It also helps to stimulate the muscles before every shot and that’s where exercise plays a role.  If you are not keeping fit enough to perform the actions required to play a great golf shot, the mind is not going to be enough to stimulate the muscles to create the action you desire.  The muscles must be capable of producing what is in the mind.

When visualising a shot on the golf course, you need to have a clear picture of the path you would like the ball to travel.  Think about how it will bounce, if the wind will have an impact, if you need it to travel low or high in the air and if youneed the ball to draw or fade.

See yourself in your mind hitting the shot.  Picture yourself in the perfect position during the swing process and seeing the ball travel and land on target.  Doing this will not only help you when playing one specific shot, it will help you repeat the same, successful movement again next time you play the same shot.

However, without regular exercise and a good warm-up before the round, visualisation will not have the desired outcome.  The body and mind need to work together for a golfer to be at their best and exercise and visualisation play a huge role in the success of top professional golfers.

To achieve greater success the mind and body must work together like a team!
For they are one!


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