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Golf and a successful entrepreneur have more in common than we may think.

The Game Of Golf

A Golfers Dilemma

With so much golf how to’s out there the question arises where to start and what to do.

It seems some are even contradictory.🤔

This is just not a beginners dilemma; it happens to many golfers of all degrees.

See even the pro’s change their swing and how they play golf because, sadly as we age our body changes to some degree. In the game of golf when the body changes, many times it affects our swing.

In businesses it is forever changing so to the same applies.

This is why it’s good to always go back to basics. But do not keep changing it up every two weeks. Here are some tried and true points that will help you on your path to your goal.

Some tried-and-true facts.

1). Identify your problem.

2). Research the solution.

3). Decide on the path taken.

4). Get you mind on board first! Include your mind – reason – just as a placebo has an affect on many things. It does here also. So see, taste, feel in your mind the reality of this. This put’s it out to the universe by visualizing the process and outcome daily – Believe in your training alter when needed.  If you see the goal as attainable it will be easier to attain.

#4 Sub note: To achieve your goal faster a quick hack – Give yourself Automation which will give you a lesser degree of failure when in the heat of play. The #4 hack is to build habit. By building habit you install your automation. This helps many successful people handle many complicated actions at once, be it a golf swing or a startup or a fortune 500 company.

5).  Apply enough consistency doing what you decided. This will enable the results to be effective.

6). Record your actions. Most improvements come from reflecting on this to better oneself.

7). Point of view, allow yourself to see what another view /angle of your activity is seen as. This by itself has propelled many golfers and very successful kings/Queens in all areas of life and business. Giving fresh perspective and new opportunities for success. In our case successful golf.

8). Association: You will notice in playing golf at your local club, many good golfers choose not to play with a not so good golfer. As some feel it affects their game. This is all in their minds. With confidence this fades away.

Why do I mention this law of association. That in golf you should play with better golfers a few times a week. Their golf will influence you.

This goes for all successful golfers and successful kings/Queens of products or services and aspiring entrepreneurs everywhere.

#8 Sub note: The Hack
A quick hack to get to your goal sooner then later is putting number 8 in hyperdrive – #8 Hack is hyper saturation. In golf it is immersing yourself in all about golf while NOT losing your focus on your end goal.

I was asked this one day and I feel you may be interested. He said to me, “ I feel I may not be good at golf or successful at business. I am of average means – How does one rise above the herd?”  I then said to him. It is immersion. This has been the hack that has risen those with less means (mentally and physically) to rise above those with greater abilities.©️

9.) Adjust your focus:

It’s not always a longer drive or a better iron shot. It’s the whole pace and not overreaching ones position to get two the green relying on chance. (ball landing in that perfect spot). Seeing a greater vision is good for you but a plan works best when using your clubs. (in business their team).

Using the right clubs: In business – successful entrepreneurs work through small goals and smaller steps to achieve them. Then by combining the smaller goals to reach the larger goals by doing this one can achieve much more at a faster rate. (Include immersion at all levels.)

Also in golf we have clubs to hit generally certain distances. So to does a business leader use certain people in their team to achieve certain small goals to move in the direction of their green.:-) ⛳️

Learn to play the game to win not drive the ball further.



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