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Golf Swing Plane Beginner Golfer S Guidelines To Learn What Your Swing Plane Is

By: Akhmad Yani

The swing plane is essential if you want to be a reliable golfer. The brainstorm that divides the high handicapper and low handicapper is commonly the capability to turn around your body, keeping the club on a consistent swing plane. One of the easiest ways to evaluate your swing plane is have somebody film you. A more high tech way to assist you in correcting your swing plane is a laser light that fits onto the end of the club handle.

What Is The Best Swing Plane To Have?

There is no correct or wrong swing plane. A number of golfer’s angles come in steep, while others are shallow. Even though not set in stone, you’ll see that shorter people whom take standard length golf clubs will have a shallow swing plane. And taller golfers who take standard length clubs tend to illustrate a steep swing plane in comparison.

Of course these are just generalities but you’ll find them to be true with at least 75% of those playing golf.

Other difference which may influence a person’s swing plane is combined stiffness and flexibility. Some older men and women who have tighter joints will also have a steeper swing plane, even if they are considered short, as compared to younger players or older persons who are very flexible.

The Type of Club Also Makes a Difference

A golf player’s swing plane may also be affected by the size and type of golf club being used. For instance, when a golfer is using a sand wedge (a very short club as compared to a driver), they will have a considerably steeper swing plane than when using the driver. In fact, the driver is the longest golf club in your bag and will constantly have the flattest swing plane.

You can use dissimilar swing planes, each with good result, so long as you never permit your swing plane to vary too much during the swing. It is okay if your backswing tends to be a little steeper than your downswing, so long as they have exaggerated differences.

Last Minute Tip:

Making the correct swing plane will be determined by your position, or setup. Try not standing by too close to the ball and not ever tilt your upper torso too far to the left (right-handed golfers), or too far to the right (left-handed golfers). Doing so will make your swing plane a bit too steep.


Jack Nicklaus Simply The Greatest Golfer Of All Time

By: Terry Edwards

One of the things that separates Jack from other athletes is that he did it the right way. You never heard about Jack being arrested for doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. There were no scandals. There were no performance enhancing drugs. No alcohol issues, etc. Jack Nicklaus exemplified the meaning of the word class.

Jack is one of only two golfers who have won all four majors more than once. He is also the only player to have won all of golf’s majors in both the PGA and Senior Tours.

One of the most memorable of Jack Nicklaus’ performances came at the 1986 Masters. At the age of 46 few, if any people had given the Golden Bear any hope of playing well, let alone any chance at winning. But, for Jack, winning is what runs through his heart.

Trailing by 4 shots behind guys like Greg Norman, Tom Kite and Seve Ballesteros, things didn’t look real good after nine holes. But, what followed on those final 9 holes will be forever remembered by anyone who loves golf. He birdied 9 – 10 – 11 and 13. Next came an eagle on 15 and the crowd, along with the TV audience knew they were witnessing something special. Then Jack nearly hit a hole-in-one on 16, making an easy birdie. At 17, Jack made a 12 putt for another birdie that put him in the lead. The crowd had never roared as loud as they did that day.

The golfers playing behind Jack could not even set up and play their shots at times due to the noise. When Jack made par at 18 for a 30 on the back 9 at Augusta, all he could do was wait and see what the other golfers would do. Amazingly, Seve Ballesteros hit his ball in the water, took a double bogey on the 15th hole and took himself out of a chance at winning. Tom Kite missed a crucial putt on 18 that would have tied him with Jack. Next, Greg Norman, who was tied with Jack at the time, made a bogey on the finishing hole to give Nicklaus the win and the green jacket. It’s a tournament that will forever be remembered by golfers and fans alike.

The list of accomplishments in the career of Jack Nicklaus is immense. He finished with 73 PGA Tour wins and led the Tour in money earnings eight different years.

An interesting story at the end of Jack’s career came at the 2005 British Open. Jack had announced earlier in the year that he would retire in 2005 at the British Open on the Old Course at St Andrews, the birthplace of golf. Well, the Open was not scheduled to be played at St Andrews until 2006. So, the organizers of the Open decided to move the schedule up one year and play the Open at St Andrews in honor of Jack’s final tournament.

Today, Jack Nicklaus enjoys spending time with his family as well as his love of designing golf courses around the world. His design company, which he runs with his sons and other family members, is responsible for the design of nearly 1% of all the golf courses in the world. He also owns his own golf equipment company and runs the Memorial Golf Tournament, an annual stop on the PGA Tour.

It was only fitting that Jack finished his final hole of his last professional golf tournament with a birdie at St Andrews. Sinking a 15 foot curling putt, Jack raised his arms an extended his putter high in the air as he has done for so many years when he would sink a critical putt.

The golf world, and the world in general, has been blessed by having known Jack Nicklaus. Simply put, he is the greatest golfer of all-time.




5 Essential Putting Drills To Improve Your Putts

By: Jeremy C. Winters

Short putts: This is simple to practice and helps to enhance short putting strokes. In this drill, 5-6 balls need to be lined up about 12 inches apart. The aim is to strike each one directly into the hole, playing one ball after another on a continuous basis for the most effective results. This drill also helps to increase concentration and the determination to perform well when playing the game.

Vertical target: You will need to make three different rectangular shaped cut-outs from a piece of cardboard. One strip needs to be as wide as an original golf hole while the second should be about 2-3 times larger in size. Similarly, the third piece should be around 2-3 times bigger than the second one. The largest strip then needs to be placed against the wall followed by the medium and then smaller piece. On each piece, make target circles along with points 10, 20, 30 to be assigned. This will help a player to get a better idea of the total score that can be earned when striking a putt shot.

In the club: This is one of the most highly favored of the putting drills. In this drill, three different golf clubs need to be placed close to the hole. The focus should be to hit the ball directly to or beyond the hole without moving the clubs. To improve the shots and enjoy the practice session, it would be beneficial to assign negative scores when the ball either touches or moves close to the hole.

Follow through: The ball should be placed about 50 to 60 centimeters distance from the hole in a straight direction. The putter needs to be positioned behind the ball facing the hole to make perfect follow through shots. A positive attitude and good practice of these putting drills will help to enhance putting skills and scores if performed dilligently.


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