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    Golf Playing Tips

    Pitch Shot -- Chip Shot?

    What is a Pitch Shot?

    A "pitch shot" is played with a sharply lofted club that is designed to go a short distance with a steep ascent and decent. With the goal to get on the green. Generally from 40-55 yards but can be closer.

    What is a chip shot?
    Generally a chip shot is usually close to the green around 1 to 15 yards but can be more or less.
    With a lofted club giving the ball a lift to the desired spot on the green finishing with a roll to the target.


    Bunker Play

    Getting out of the Sand

    Give yourself a mental picture of where you wish the ball to go. Play the ball off your front foot. Set your hands behind the ball. You can grip down a little on the club to prepare your swing and give a full swing. The sand will fly but the ball will lift from the bunker. With practice you will find the best fit for you.


    Putting is a matter of what works for you as you will have many that have their way. But fundamentally -  feet shoulder-width apart and align your body standing erect but slightly bent at the waist. Before you Putt visualize the target including the imagine path and speed to get there. Then create a semi lose but not stiff swing while pushing the putter face toward the target. Practice will determine the power of your swing.

    THE FULL SWING - Driver

    A full golf swing has many points to cover But basically the stance - ball placement and body posture are important. Pay attention to your weight distribution and give a full swing that has not a lot of tension in the arms and hand. Having a rhythm is more important. Remind yourself that many long drive golfers are not football players thus it is technique and club head speed that plays much in the success of a great drive! One must involve the mind as it will help the body achieve the desired results. Find a good instructor and you will be on your path to success.